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Agile PLM Installation Service

GoSaaS offers simple/complex Installation of Agile PLM in Windows/Linux OS test, development or production environments. The setup involves application server(s), database server, load balancer and file manager installation.

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Oracle abase Administrator User Account defined
Oracle database   
Agile PLM Server Components  Application Server 
  Standard Agile View Server 
  File Manager 
Admin Configurations:  File Manager Configurations 
  View Server Configurations 
  Web logic Configurations


Simple - Small user base, small data set Standard - Mid-size user base, medium data set Complex - Large user base, large data set
Weblogic Single Application Server  Dual Application Server  Clustered multiple application servers Cluster - Dedicated for PXes 
Oracle Single Database Server  Single Database Server  Primary and failover database server 
Tomcat File Manager Server  Geographically distributed two Tomcat File Manager Servers  Geographically distributed Multiple File Managers  
GSI Integration Server  Integration Server  Integration Servers 
  Proxy Server  Oracle AutoVue 3D FileView Servers 
    Load Balancer with geographic targeting of application servers 
    Data warehousing for OPLA/BI 
    Mobile device access 


Customer Challenges

The right capacity planning for your server infrastructure can ensure best user experience and a quicker user adoption.  Rightsizing existing infrastructure can improve response time and create a better user experience and higher availability

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