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Agile PLM Customizations

We provide customizations that seamlessly integrate with your Agile PLM system to enhance and automate native Agile processes, depending on your business needs.

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Available Process Extensions

In addition to having the largest selection of pre-built Agile PLM Process Extensions, we can quickly develop process extensions based on a simple description of its intended functionality.

Each of our more than 100 PXs is affordably priced and comes with the thrive.gs guarantee: Work of the highest quality.

PX Title Description
Validate Attributes  Validate Certain attributes on Title Block 
Product Governance & Compliance (PG&C)  Substances, Specifications and Declarations. 
Calculate Attributes  Calculate cost etc. on the title block 


PX Title Description
PPM Gate Approvers  PPM Gate Approvers 
Project Setup  Project Setup 
My Assignments  Shows deliverables of tasks. In addition to my assignments it checks for predecessors 
CO for deliverables  Create Change Order against the deliverable of a task. 
Resource Forecast  Lists how many tasks are due for different roles during a certain timeframe. Categorized on BU 
Milestones Dashboard  List milestones for all active projects along with due dates. 
Substitute Reviewers  A web GUI to substitute another person with same roles against a reviewer. 
Overdue Task Reminder  Overdue Task Reminder 


PX Title Description
BOM Wizard  A web wizard for creating BOM from a template and then manipulate BOM on a web GUI 
BOM Sequencer  This web application allows user to change the sequence of BOM Components within a assembly. 
BOM Restructuring  Reads Assembly and component relationship from a database table and then update BOM table in agile accordingly. 
Conflict Mineral Rollup  If conflict mineral flag is YES in a part then rollup YES to parent assemblies. 
Unique Find Number  Assign a Find Number greater then current Maximum Number.  
Verify Warranty  Add Warranty document to BOM on the basis of a certain page 2 attribute 


PX Title Description
Incorporate/Un-incorporate Item  Incorporate item on change release. Un-incorporate item when change is un-released 
Set REV  Set next revision on the basis of previous one 
REV Validation  Validate Revision of items on the basis of certain business rules(Title Block Attributes) 
Attachment Download  Download attachments of one or many items in a single click 
Add Reviewers  Add reviewer after getting it from a title block attribute 
Auto set Effective Date  It updates blank Effective Date of affected items to release date of the change object. 
Add Compliance to Affected items  This event updates the compliance on affected items and manufacturer parts using item’s CAS Number. 
Audit Affected Items  This event executes before a workflow is approved and runs an audit on a routable object to make sure none of required fields are missing. 
Copy to Affected Items  This PX copy attribute values from change object to its affected item. 


PX Title Description
BOM and Where-used WS  Web Service to provide BOM and Where-used data for cost analysis 
BOM/AML Upload to FTP  BOM/AML Upload to FTP 
aXML to XML/CSV  Generate XML/CSV data using the aXML generated by ACS 
aXML to Change Cast CSV  Generates CSV file in Change Cast format from aXML 
PDX Extractor   Extract data from Agile PDX file and convert to Excel 


PX Title Description
Project Hours Summary Report  Provides summary of hours spent in a specified duration by project or by resource 
Resource Forecast  Provides forecast of hours for a specified duration by project or by resource 
Change Order Stats  Summary of change orders stats by Approver 
Login Control  Restricts user to login if the count has reached a certain limit. Counting multiple login of a single user as one 
Cycle Time Report  Generate Workflow Cycle Time Report in excel format 


Agile PLM Customizations

GoSaaS has built and managed a large library of Process Extensions (using Java API, Groovy, Web Services) to create an improved user experience and process efficiencies:

Tell us in a few sentences the type of action(s) you want to be able to do and we can build it or fix it for you.

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