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Data Restructuring Services

Whether you need to modify your data management strategy or import data from a recently acquired business, thrive.gs can assist you in realizing data restructuring to help match data with evolving business requirements.

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Our Agile PLM Data Restructuring Services can:

  • Minimize problems by sharing accurate, consistent and common data throughout the enterprise.
  • Bring together data from disparate groups or new business mergers & acquisitions by transforming and assimilating data.
  • Improve product analysis and reporting
  • Use an updated standardized BOM structure
  • Offer templatized BOM structuring using a wizard application
  • Automate bulk change control for structure transformation
  • Provide rule based BOM validation
  • Enable bulk re-classification parts and documents towards an improved data model
data-restructuring (2)
  • Build strong data foundation
  • Extract, transform and load data in a consistent manner
  • Flexible solution to add/modify new required fields
  • Changes are enterprise wide
  • Consistent Item numbering
  • Consistent revision scheme
  • Consistent configuration management
  • Consistent change management
  • Enterprise dashboards and reports

  • FAST track solution to meet aggressive deadlines
  • Flexibility – to accommodate future business changes
  • Simplicity – as everyone is using the same processes and rules
  • Improved visibility – to improve data analysis and reporting
  • Decreases time and cost – by minimizing errors and duplication of effort
  • Less Training – data and process consistency means less interpretation and fewer processes

Product Maintenance Challenges

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