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PLM Assessment & Roadmap

GoSaaS is committed to helping companies design, build and commercialize products with the Cloud and on-premise systems. We combine industry experts who have worked in the industry with decades of experience to deliver high-quality implementations across PLM, SCM, and ERP solutions. 

plm assessment

As your business needs and the technology landscape change, so may your PLM needs. Therefore, we are here to guide you on your PLM journey, whether you're seeking a cloud-based solution, a new on-premise platform, or an upgrade to your existing system.

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What are the key activities in a PLM evaluation process?

System Requirement Building

RFP preparation and distribution

Vendor response evaluation

Final candidate product demo


Why we can help you pick the tool that’s the best match for your organization 

Using our depth of knowledge in PLM solutions, GoSaaS has helped some of the largest companies gain even more value from their enterprise PLM investments. 

Our deep understanding of diverse industries allows us to recommend PLM solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements and challenges. No matter your industry, we possess the expertise to help you achieve optimal efficiency and success. 

Our dedicated team takes the time to understand your business goals, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring a seamless and successful transition to the ideal PLM solution for your organization.

agile plm customizations

Interview all PLM stakeholders on systems capabilities usage.  This includes users, power users, reports consumers, upstream and downstream integrations, PLM decision makers and administrators. 

Create system capabilities grouped at the higher level by PLM modules and at the lower level by functionalities like change workflows, item management, access security and reports .  

Also catalog all integrations and automation functional behavior.  

Assign a criticality factor to all the items in the catalog items.

Capture all the material and format into a distribution ready RFP to be sent out to potential PLM system suppliers.  Add additional commercial and support criteria per your company specific requirements.

Thoroughly review and assess the proposals submitted by vendors to determine their suitability.

Have the leading candidates present a demonstration of their product to provide a tangible sense of their offering.

PLM migration possibilities

oracle agile plm

Benefits of Early PLM Roadmap Decisions:

Overall assessment agile vs alternate

Prioritizing Enterprise Readiness Can Mitigate Risks.
Associated with losing support or version currency from Oracle with Agile PLM in the long term and not investing in Agile for business gains in the short term.

Present standard differences

Standard OOTB differences without any specific or existing special needs.

Catalog agile capabilities used

List all specific features, modules, capabilities, PXes, events and automations.

Outline capabilities in alternate PLM

Present tailord OOTB alternates, PXes and customizations with respect to needed capabilities

Detailed report and capabilities spreadsheet -> RFP formation

Details and summary of all determination for internal alignment & RFP formation

Implement mini POCs in alternate

Implement proof of concepts for selected capabilities, automations and inegrations.

Make the most information decisions possible.

What Does a PLM Evaluation Cover?

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